About Gary Silverston

Since 1986, Gary Silverston has designed over 60 custom homes in the West Los Angeles area. With an exceptional intuitive feel for what clients want, he has designed homes in both classic and modern style. For the last 10 years he has focused on energy-efficiency and minimal footprint design, incorporating new materials, systems and techniques in each project.

Utilizing his 40 years of experience in design and construction, he places great emphasis on understanding how a home’s site and orientation reflect in the quality of light, air, wind, heating, cooling, ambient noise and movement affect the lives of people in the home. Listening carefully to the client’s lifestyle and expectations, Gary is able to conceive and create homes of lasting value that provide resonance, presence and sanctuary.

Many clients have remarked that Gary sees things other designers do not. If anything can be said of his work it is that he takes the common and ordinary and elevates these to higher levels that serve the client at all times.

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